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Happy 9 years & 7 months to us @_iampaulo !💏 I can’t complain, you always make me happy.😘 I love you dudee!❤️💋
#dudeelove (at 10 Dove Street)

Fear is definitely coming, but as long you keep these MECHANICS in mind, you can SURVIVE the #HYPERZOMBIERUN!!!💀👣💃🎃

#DonutSelfie with the family!😄👪👫📱📹🍰
@thegldt @_iampaulo (at Treat Street Cafe)

Family time to kick off @thegldt ‘s sembreak.😃👪👫🍮🍪🍰
@_iampaulo (at Treat Street Cafe Ayala Expansion Wing)

Ready to watch our free movie from Skycable.😃👫🎥
#dudeelove #donutselfie (at Ayala Center Cebu Cinemas)

10 days left for the most challenging and hair-raising run of your life!
If you think you have what it takes to OUTRUN the ZOMBIES and CONQUER these OBSTACLES, then REGISTER NOW at RUNNR AYALA!💀👣🏃🎃👻

#HYPERZOMBIERUN #hyperhalloween

Counting calories & making memories.👭👭
@charmsolon @hotmommynik @malensy (at Fujinoya Philippines)

    I’m watching Witches of East End

        Check-in to
    Witches of East End on tvtag

Shabu-shabu after a looong drive.🍴🍵🍲🍚🍘🍙🍡
@_iampaulo @shobe8ymas @markjabson09 @gilot_04 

So good to be back in Sogod.💁🌳🌴🌱🏊🌅💚💙💚
#EasyVacationHouse #cebu (at Easy Vacation House, Sogod, Cebu)

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