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Once a year get together with elementary friends.👯👯
@laraouano @ainjeliz @keetineski
#cicmain @tazzacafeandpatisserie

    I’m watching Once Upon a Time

        82 others are also watching.
    Once Upon a Time on tvtag

Scrumptious family dinner before @thegldt leaves us again tomorrow.👪👫🍴🍛🍰
#family @thesocialcebu (at The Social Cebu)

Last day of DCP-E training. Pls forgive my ootds.😁✌️👗👠💄💋
#ootd (at Hotel Pier Cuatro)

Night ender.😍❤️💕👌
@_iampaulo @thegldt @phoebescupcakery
#family (at Phoebe’s CupCakery)

1st day of DCP-E classroom training.💃👗👠👝💄💋
#ootd (at Hotel Pier Cuatro)

Registration ladies for DCP-E classroom training.😃👭👯
@gilot_04 (at Hotel Pier Cuatro)

So, are we really having a meeting or a party?!😳😄 Belated happy birthday, Pres @butchmateo !🎈🍴🍻
@jci_cebu #jci #jcicebu (at JL Millennium Building)

Celebrating because we’re finally complete!😃👪👨👩👧👦
#family @zucrepastryshop @thegldt (at Zucré at City Time Square)

The spectacular Symphony of Lights with @_iampaulo .👫🌃🌉
#dudeelove #dudeelovetravels (at Hong Kong Avenue of The Stars)

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